Website design and social media footing

Can social media replace traditional search engines when it comes to promoting or getting click-throughs to your website? I think it is a definite possibility with consumer based products or services, but I have more doubts with business to business products or services.

When a consumer likes or dislikes a product and they are and active participant in social media, they will definitely relay this information to their friends. Also information that is collected in the social network can be farm properly by companies to display the correct desired products to the end consumer. Both these scenarios seem like logical events where social media can become a dominate player in the chain of making a final purchase.

When it comes to B2B or Business to Business, I wonder how this works. Their usually is not a particular person who is on such a social media networks. Also unless it is a very small business, any usage or updates to a social media site would probably require a committee which would probably make the process not viable. Most Chicago business we have worked with see very little need to setup a social media website and in addition have very little resources to do so. These are people that in their private lives are pretty active using Facebook or Twitter, but in relation to their business they see very little reason to participate.

Now there are talks of all search engines just going through a social media portal, such as Facebook. For example, some where down the line, instead of getting on to or you would just get into your Facebook page first to start the search for products or services. In this case I can see the power of social media exploding where the control of Internet can be shifted to a more social media driven experience.

The best stance to probably take is to be a ready for change. If there is enough rumbling about social media revolution, it is prudent for any business – especially those that cater to a consumer base to be prepared for the social media tsunami to come.

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