Why start a blog?

Everyone likes the concept of having a blog, but to actually be dedicated enough to continue is the difficult part.

What makes the blog worthwhile? The obvious reason is to communicate information to your viewers. Information about your services and the industry you are in are always helpful for clients.

What is the best hidden reason to start a blog? That would beef up your Google 0r Bing rankings. When you write blogs and increase your websites informational value search engines will eventually take notice. When a blog is submitted it will be picked up by these engines and eventually allow your website more opportunity to be hit on a search. The only drawback is it isn’t a clear science. It isn’t like if you have over 200 blog entries you are guaranteed to be ranked.

The better way to look at it is write topics that people will search on and those particular blogs may be found. It is also good to write blog topics that integrate the main keywords you would like to be searched on. For example if you are Chicago based website design company, it would behoove you to write an article here and there regarding your experiences. Include the words such as “Chicago” and “website” and “design” to your blog so they can also be searched on through the different engines.

Another important factor is to try and get links. Links from bigger sites to your website is the best, but I find it is not a bad idea to have links to other sites from your blog articles.

Once you got a handful of blogs you can submit your blog articles to various online publications such as ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com. This way you will have articles out there that can lead back to your website.

Overall spending a few hours a week on writing a blog can be well worth it in the long run.