Getting Started

What you need to get your website going?


It is important to lock down a web address, although the design can be flush out without it and then setup later.

Website addresses can be obtain at various places such as Network Solutions or Goddaddy.  Hosting can be obtain in various places also, but if you want to use a WordPress theme website, the hosting site must be WordPress capable.

If you have a logo design, that is a great starting point.  For one the color and general style can be derived from it to create a website.  It also means you have a good idea of the general style of design you foresee.

If you don’t have a logo, that is not a problem – we can definitely help out with designing an amazing logo!

If you already have images that you have used in brochures or print material this can be useful to integrate this into the website. Photos of office space, buildings and personnel is another popular way of capturing the business atmosphere.

Images on websites are the most important elements, it is important to have professional photos or illustrations.

If you have a particular website you like, that can be extremely helpful in understanding features or elements that you would like to use.  Having such example website for reference can give us a jump start on which direction to go, and allow you to envision things that you haven’t thought of before.

If you have time finding sites you do like this can speed up the process. With WordPress sites you will have over 80 themes you can select from, we have partnered with Elegant Themes.

Make sure you have a clear message about the particular services or product your want to represent.  If you can provide a Word document that states each page’s title and the content, this can help in the layout process. Be clear on where you would like bullet points or other accents such as bold or italics.

Having the message is also extremely helpful in design. The message usually drives the selection of images and also even the style of website.

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