How a typical website design process works

In this blog we would like to just go through a typical process of how a website design and final product is completed. This should help new clients get a clearer idea of what to expect.

Most clients do have some idea about how their website should look like. This is because they have looked around to competitor’s websites or have worked a little with a designer to get a logo started.  If this is the case that is a good starting point to build on. Any logos or images that a client has already vetted will assist in the look and feel of the website. If these items are not setup – it might make some sense for a client to spend some time looking over various website to perhaps get a gage of what they would like.

Content is another important aspect of a website design. Reading the services and history of a client’s business can give the website designer “the inspiration” for a design. For example if the business is related to safety products for kids, the designer may start thinking about websites that look friendly for mothers looking for such products. The design may have images of kids and colors that relate to kids products. It may have a simple message of caring or warning.

Once some general logo or image guidelines are given and website content, a website design will be created. This design should be pretty flushed out, designs that are flushed out fully make it easier for client to understand the completely picture. From this initial design the client will have the option to stick with that design with minor adjustments or to completely do a new design.  Usually this initial design is a great tool to bounce ideas and use as a stepping stone for the next design which is typically the path towards a final design.

Once the 2nd design is completed with clients input, it is a matter of fine tuning and filling in the other interior pages.  All these design and sub-pages can be completed and shown in a hidden website page for client review and approval. Once everything is signed off on, it can then be set live.

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