Static and Dynamic Website Design

What is the difference between a static and dynamic website design? Basically a static websites are like a print brochure that is online. It is created once and pretty much stays the same as far as its content and images. A dynamic website however, usually has some changing element on the website. It can be content, news or blog information. Sometimes it is products and features that the business wants to promote.

It is easy to say everyone should maintain a dynamic website, but usually you find small business owners don’t have the time or inclination to constantly manage and update their website. Most of the Chicago businesses that we have setup blogs or news sections have always had great intentions in the beginning but quickly drop off after a few months. It isn’t even a lack of things to say or knowledge about their business; it is more just a lack of time and out of site out of mind mentality.

I think another reason why websites are not updated regularly is most small business owner understand that they are not getting thousands of hits to their site or getting return viewers. They probably feel putting a lot of work to keep it updated, might not matter in lieu of the lower volume of viewers. This is however unfortunate. One powerful reason to keep your website updated with new content should be for the sake of ranking on search engines like Google or Bing. These search engines do check your website regularly for various things, including updates and new back links. In this process they also catalog your website keywords to try to give you a fair shake at ranking your site. A website content that stays static may be looked down upon by these search engines.

Another dynamic element to mention might be usage of transition on the home page.  This has less to do with new content, but more to do with presenting a series of images and messages to guide your viewer to the various contents of your website. Having a dynamic banner will allow a more eye catching website design, which is always a benefit. These dynamic elements can be setup in Flash or HTML5.

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