Top 3 important things about website design

A numbering of things make up a great website, but this blog is just to highlight 3 important items.

  1. Never underestimate a great image to make the entire website stand out. I’ve seen websites that seem absolutely perfect, but once you recreate them without the same key images then it seems like just another ordinary website. It is this interplay of words, layout and images, but the images for me is what ties thing together, it is the main impression you will walk away with.

  2. The layout design, including the colors, navigation menu, transitional banner, logo, side bar, footer and background are important in the fact that if they are badly done, they can have a negative impact on your side. The website layout should be clean, simple and unobtrusive. Once it become too complex or clever, I feel it can detract from the main purpose of the website.

  3. Simple message of what you do is always important. Once you get too vague or too detailed, the audience can get confused. In general I think it is best to clearly state what your product or services is on the home page and it is probably what the audience reads first.

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