Website design with WordPress

As a website designer based in Chicago, we have setup numerous website from scratch, even basic one to two page websites all the way up to complex WordPress websites. Some of the best results are when business owners and designers collaborate to create a final product. The “start from scratch websites” however seems to be slowly replaced by template or theme based approach such as WordPress. This seems like a logical progression since website features are universally needed and anything to make those functions easier to setup and manage make sense.

Since things like navigation menu, layout and general distinction from homepage to other interior pages are such a universal norm, WordPress has adapted these concepts into their themes to easily produce them. They also go much further including the ability to update pages with a simple web based interface. Things like blog functions are also available where it will keep track of posting, comments and cataloging of blogs for easy consumption. For me the most impressive addition to WordPress is the sliders and nice design features. These are ways to transition your images with various captions to create a dynamic banner on the home page. These dynamic banners for most website are the crux of the website. What I mean is most people walk away from the website with the message that is smartly displayed in those banners more than anything else.

On top of the nice built in design functions, there are some amazing WordPress templates; Website designs that are eye catching and layouts that have been carefully put together. Examples are designs from Elegant Themes and other various providers of themes.

There may be a cookie cutter aspect to WordPress website, but overall the combination of ease of use, cost and functionality should eventually persuade a majority of business to start using WordPress to get them ready go online.

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