Website Sponsorship or Paid Ranking using Google Adwords

Paid keyword advertisement is such a foreign world to most business owner, but the basics should definitely be understood by them – so one can determine if they should pursue it further.

The main thing to understand about Google Adwords is that it allows you to generate potential customers to your website using targeted keywords. For example if you keywords are “Chicago Dog Grooming” – if you are a paid Adwords business, your website will be seen on the first page for that search.

 Does this type of advertisement using targeted keywords work?

Absolutely, it is a given that if your site ranks high on Google searches it will be clicked on and it will generate business.

 What is the difference between Google Adwords sponsorship and regular search results?

The sponsorship comes before the organic search results. It is a slightly different section, but definitely prominent on the top and right side of the results page. The sponsorship has a slightly pale backdrop. Sponsorship ranking is paid for, whereas organic ranking is not paid for.

 What is the cost of Adwords?

The cost is determined by a bidding process for the particular keywords. For example if hundreds of companies are bidding on the same keyword the cost of it will be higher, but if only a few bid on it the cost will be relatively low. Just to show an example, it might be normal to pay for $10 per click for a set of keywords. This may seem like a lot to someone but if that click means a long term business with that potential client, it may be the best investment you make.

 How are Adwords paid out?

As mentioned it depends on the number of clicks. If your ad is clicked thousands of times at a rate of $10 per click, your cost may start to escalate. However you can set a budget for your Adword campaign which will limit you whatever cost you are comfortable with. Once that budget is set for the month they will deliver your sponsored advertisement spread out over the month to match your budget.

How to get started and see if it is worth while?

There is a keyword tool provided by Google that will allow you to determine how many times those keywords you are interested in has been searched on per month. Those are real numbers and can really give you a clear understanding if it is worth pursuing. Also there is no cost in just signing up and setting up a campaign. In doing this you can determine what your general monthly cost might be and see if it matches closely to your budget.

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