What are the 5 most important things to consider for a website design in Chicago?

1. Chicago business’ website has to be seen

The most important purpose for a website is it has to be seen, without being seen it seems to defeat the purpose of even having a website. How do you get seen? You must load up your website with great content and also clearly state your geographical location for example Chicago if you are local Chicago based business. This is done by having text within your website that contains your keywords that relate to your business and also make clear the location of your business. This is an over simplification but the end goal is to be content rich and location centralized. If you complete this goal you are sure to rank better in the keywords you search for.

2. It has to pass the professional website design test

The design has to be up to par, a bad or outdated website will give a first impression that may cause potential clients to bypass your website and move onto the next one. Let’s face it if you have 2 websites and one looks better than the other – just aesthetically – it might sound superficial, but the viewer may never bother to read the content.

3. Ability to keep the website fresh

The difference between a website that ultimately will work for you and one that will slowly start losing in ranking and relevance is the ability to update and revise your website. A content management website will allow you to constantly update your website with new information that will reap great benefits in the long run, the most important benefit being able to rank better in various search engines such as Google.

4. Make sure website is organized and friendly

The basic mechanics and sitemap layout needs to be organized and easy to navigate. Over complicated websites have a few drawbacks: One it can befuddle the viewer to the point of annoyance. Secondly it causes issues with search engines, whereas there can be missing links, or incorrectly structures. Also simple issues like having Flash or not optimizing images may impair the speed and viewing of your website.

5. Website should get to the point

Many websites try to be and do too much. We believe it is best to just have a simple message of exactly what you do and leave it at that. The focus will allow you to capture the viewer, and then as they see other areas of the website you can expand on your services and capabilities.

These are general thoughts on making a relevant website, however even more important than all of these is to get started. Too many business want things to be perfect before they start and overall it is best to get started and gradually perfect your message.

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