WordPress taking a template approach

WordPress is an amazing advancement in the creation of website. The main reason for this is it’s built in ability to add content such as articles and blog. It does democratize the ability to manage a website where regular web owners with a little bit of effort should be able to maintain a professional blog with regular updates.

The other benefit is the ability to choose from hundred if not thousands of sophisticated website designs. These can range from simple blog sites to polished corporate websites. The cost of these design are nominal, but since you are just getting the template, it still involve your time to complete and get it up and going.

Such a template approach to website design and development allows users to quickly get their site going, but it does have its drawbacks. The main drawback is if you want to break out of the template. It is possible to do so, but in most cases figuring out how to do it, might not be worth the trouble. Also you have to be careful not to break something while fumbling around under the hood.

Luckily most WordPress templates allow for a wide range of flexible configuration capability. It allows users for example to add / remove widgets and really change around layout of the website if they want to. It also allows users to customize the home page so it looks different then the interior pages. In essence if you have thought of a certain change WordPress probably has a way for you to do it, since it has been already requested previously.

Overall we are bullish on WordPress websites. They are amazing in their design look and despite a few compromises to adhere to the template approach; the end result will be a professional, well designed website for your business.

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